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What is army builder?

Army Builder allows to to build, edit, save, export and print your own custom army lists for the various rulesets produced by Pendraken. Currently the builder includes the 44 army lists for use with our WWII ruleset (Blitzkrieg Commander IV) and we'll be adding the lists for Cold War Commander 2 very soon.

Customisable Army Lists
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How do you use army builder?

Once you're registered and subscribed, you can select any of the existing armies and tweak them to create your own custom army lists. Choose a theatre, date and points limit and then away you go! Once created, lists can be exported to show your friends or printed off for your next game!


What do you get when you subscribe?

Subscribing to Army Builder costs just £10 per year and for this you can access and create custom army lists for all of the armies in our Blitzkrieg Commander rulebook. We'll be adding Cold War Commander next and then we'll be preparing the lists for our upcoming Sci-Fi ruleset, Future War Commander 2, due in 2024.



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